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School’s back in session (or will be soon)!

While most Colleges are in session and some schools around the country there are still a few weeks before all the kids will be back in school of some sort.

There are mixed emotions about Back To School for both the parents and the students. For parents that are sending their babies to kindergarten for the first time it can be an emotional time. You may be in shock that this beautiful human that you brought into the world is now off to their first day of school. Just know that the parents of the freshmen going to college are feeling the same way.

As parents it can be an emotional roller coaster that we want you to find as a positive step into your child’s future. Look at all the amazing things you have done as parents that they are ready and prepared for the next step. Good Job! Celebrate these firsts and share that excitement with your children. By showing them that this is good they will see it and accept it as a good thing.

When they get home from school make sure to ask them to share their highs and lows from the day. Have a conversation about the information that they share with you. Whether they know it or not you are teaching them about emotions and conversations they will use the rest of their lives.

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